Microsoft ADPCM
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ADPCM stands for Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation. ADPCM is a lossy compression mechanism. There are various flavors of ADPCM. This particular algorithm was suggested by Microsoft; its quality is similar to IMA ADPCM. MS ADPCM compresses data recorded at various sampling rates. Sound is encoded as a succession of 4-bit nibbles. Each nibble represents the difference between the current sampled signal value and the previous value. The compression ratio obtained is relatively modest: 16-bit data samples encoded as 4-bit differences result in 4:1 compression format.

Microsoft ADPCM is directly supported on most Windows implementations as a native format. Although the quality of IMA ADPCM voice files is not great, the files are portable. There is a real advantage in having compact files that can be played on most Windows PCs.

Windows supports Microsoft ADPCM ".wav" files at sample rates between 8 and 41KHz.

Vox Studio supports IMA ADPCM ".wav" files at sample rates from 6KHz to 64KHz.